Principal : Sue Paddock

Registered Teacher RAD (Distinction)

Registered Teacher/Member BTDA

University of London Teachers Certificate

The Sue Paddock School of Dancing has been in Haringey for 40 years and has recently changed name and location. Sue Paddock teaches all classes and so all pupils are known personally. Three dance forms are taught:

1) Ballet

2) Tap

3) Modern Jazz

The Ballet syllabus is that of the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) which is a worldwide and very famous association. Tap and Modern Jazz follow the British Theatre Dance association (BTDA) syllabus. Pupils are placed in classes according to age and ability. There are at present 36 classes during the week and Saturday. Exam sessions are usually held 2 or 3 times a year and pupils are entered for these as and when they are ready. Pupils will progress through the grades at their own rate. Exams are not compulsory but are recommended as they provide official recognition of the child's progress. It also gives a sense of pride and achievement. Some of these exams are now also counted towards the same point system as other exams such as GCSE and A Level and will help when applying for University and Colleges. Children cannot be accepted under the age of 4 years. For all classes, the 3 disciplines are separate classes. Ballet is compulsory for all pupils. Tap and Modern Jazz are optional but recommended. Many pupils begin with Ballet and then join the Tap and /or Modern Jazz later. The is entirely up to the parents and pupils. It is obviously recommended that pupils attend all three classes to give a good rounded dance education. There is an opportunity for parents to pay for the Modern Jazz classes weekly to make budgeting easier for those who find it difficult to pay termly for all classes.