This is basically the uniform of the RAD



Ballet: pink sleeveless leotard with circular skirt.
Grade 1, 2: lavender leotard.
Grade 3, 4, 5: navy leotard.
All girls wear pink leather shoes and pink
socks / tights depending on grade.

Ballet: white leotard with navy shorts.
Grade 1, 2: white leotard with navy shorts.
Grade 3, 4, 5 white leotard, navy stirrup tights.
All boys wear white socks and white shoes

Tap: Leotard as for ballet.
Prep- Grade 2: white socks, white Tap shoes.

Tap: As for Ballet with white socks and while or black Tap shoes.

Grade 3+: Tan tights, black Tap shoes.

Girls Modern Jazz:
Prep-Grade 2: White cycle shorts, white socks and white jazz shoes.

Boys Modern Jazz: As for Ballet with black/navy cycle shorts and black or white jazz shoes.

All pupils from Grade 1 onwards also need Character shoes and girls need a Character skirt. Uniform is available at the school at DISCOUNT PRICES